janice. canada. that is all. oh and i love alex & sierra and fifth harmony.
NICE THOUGHTS CHALLENGE! Say 5 nice things about yourself publicly and then send it to 10 of your favorite followers. Good luck!

ok i will try ha

  1. i have really nice hair and people have told me so which makes me really happy omg 
  2. i guess i like my smile ha
  3. i like my handwriting aha (does that count idk)
  4. i feel like i am pretty even though i aint
  5. i like my eyes :)


YOOOOO so like i really wanted to make a follow forever but i waited until i hit 5k so tada here it is!!!!! these are the special people that i hold near and dear to my heart, or their blogs are just gr8, and if i forgot you i’m sorry bc i wanted to narrow down the blogs i specifically wanted on here ((doesn’t mean i don’t like you cuz’ i probably do)) thank you for following me guys!! and dealing with my lame self (:

so in alphabetical orderrrrr:

#: 5horbust

A – I: adelaidekane, arcticsmonkeygifs, aristyles/normanis, bows-n-beanies, brittanas, cabelloing, cabellowing, camcabello, camilacabellos, camilcabello, camz-cabello, cora-h, corafuckinghale, crystalreed, crystalreedie, daanielasm, dilaurentist, dinahjane97, dinahjanes, dinahjine, donnaten, dylanmorgans, exarchoupoulos, fabledscott, hoechlins, holland-roden

J – Q: jaurmone, jenniferrfitzsimmons, khaleeesis, korday, kordei, lauren-dinah, laurenmjauregui, lizshenstridge, lydiasjordan, maliatale, myfifthharmony, neurolingual, niellhrn, omglaurenjauregui, onetruepairing, peterhale, pizzavolk, putaregui, qualitynerd

R – Z: randomotaku, raven-clarke, sagaeharuki, sccottmccalls, selenamg, shehunters, shelleyhennigs, softlycanthropy, stlinski, stybellos, tatianaception, vampslamp, wearealexandsierra, whoregui, zeymar

Austin Mahone Tour Outfits: Camila


you never realize how much you love sleeping until you have to wake up in the morning 

fifth harmony + actually keeping fan gifts


X Factor Journey

@dinahjane97: #iwish I could #leavemyheartoutofthis so#dontletmedancealone cause u know#webettertogether and if u mess with one of us you best be #missmovingon .. Bah Felicia

@allybrookeofficialAND THATS A WRAP FOLKS!!! Thank you so much to the lovely @austinmahone for having us on his tour!! What an amazing night to end this run!! Yeaaahhh!!! Thanks to every person who has been a part of this tour. Heart you all!!